Forecast Named Best Advertising Agency Software of 2021!

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It’s no secret that agency life is fast-paced. Agency marketers have to stay on their toes, working in multiple channels for a diverse portfolio of clients and immersing themselves in various different creative projects at once. Most would have it no other way, but it easily becomes stressful. And for operational leaders trying to stay on top of service delivery, it can be downright overwhelming. 

But marketing and advertising agencies are also great at grabbing a new digital tool and running with it. Whether embracing analytics or utilizing automation, this is a sector that pivots fast and upskills quickly out of necessity.

No wonder, then, that some of our earliest adopters and most long-standing customers are marketing and advertising agencies. Marketing agencies saw the value of Forecast straight away.  And with our platform, we’ve proudly helped agencies grow their services and headcount, ensure that retainer agreements stay profitable, and cut down on their non-billable work.

And now, leading independent B2B software review site has awarded Forecast a place in not one, but two of their ‘Top Picks’ lists. Their team of expert digital marketing consultants assessed over 125 software platforms, but Forecast stood out among the best of the best. They have endorsed us as ‘Best Advertising Agency Software of 2021’ and ‘Best Resource Management Software of 2021’!

“Among the most effective solutions to manage campaigns and streamline workflow” seeks to help small and midsize businesses make the right buying decisions. They base their assessments on unbiased opinions from genuine users of the platforms under review, including analyzing completely unfiltered comments from social media. This way, they get an authentic, up-to-date picture of what users are really thinking.

Everyone loves getting awarded or recognized for excelling. But knowing that this recognition comes directly as a result of what people are saying about our platform is really significant. And seeing recommending us to new and growing agencies tells us that we’re definitely getting something right.

How Forecast Can Help Your Agency

We’ve worked with agencies since we first began our journey in 2016. Great relationships and honest, reciprocal conversations with our customers have always been central to how we operate. As a result, we’ve learned a lot about what challenges agencies face in the day-to-day. Our recent report digs into the common operational problems that hinder agencies from growing their bottom line, using data direct from agencies across the UK.

From high-level overviews of business operations for your Finance and Delivery leads, to the granularity of an in-depth campaign content schedule for your Content Marketers, Forecast is the ideal tool to help your agency run like a well-oiled machine.


Why not see if our powerful project and resource management platform has the potential to help you? Sign up for a free trial of Forecast today.

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