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Case Study: Bespoke


Bespoke is a Strategic Foresight & Experience Design company based in the heart of the creative scene of Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently, working with major international clients like IKEA, Electrolux, some EU projects, and recently began expanding to other markets like Japan and Germany.




“We help organisations map future landscapes, unfold creative potential and create new meaningful products, services and culture. We empower courageous organisations and individuals to use the future as a source of hope and inspiration for the present.” - Bespoke

Like many other growing companies, they were looking for a better resource- and project management solution to manage their people and projects in a more effective and efficient way. More specifically they were scouting for a simple, yet powerful, tool that’s ready for future growth.

Before deciding on Forecast as their solution; they, as we’ve probably all tried, were managing the business using various independent tools. Tools that don’t really speak together; Google Sheets, Harvest, Trello, external todo lists, etc. These are absolutely great tools, and can work perfectly for a long time as a smaller team, but with growth - issues often arise.

Probably the most crucial thing in a growing business is an overview of everything that’s going on, and a perspective on what should be going on. That’s exactly why Bespoke needed to find another solution. Because as an innovative design company, perspective is in their blood.

Initially, they were of course looking at solutions from vendors they were already familiar with, e.g. Harvest Forecast and Dapulse. However they didn’t really feel any of these were the perfect fit for them, and as a friend told them about Forecast; they decided to give it a spin.


Forecast, like Bespoke, is also a relatively new growing company. As part of the trial, Francisco from our Customer Success team, had a few sessions with the team from Bespoke.

“We know we’re not perfect yet, and thus it was super important for us to make sure they got a great start with the product. First of all, it’s a great proof of concept when real people begin to use the product with their real-life data.” - Francisco Rueda, Customer Success at Forecast

It was really a win-win situation for both of us. Bespoke got early access to the system back in the beginning of 2017, and we got great feedback which is powermount to build a great product for our future users. We’re always open for feedback, and we’ll definitely take it into account if we find it useful for the majority of our users. Thus, Bespoke helped shaping parts of the Forecast app from a relatively early stage.

Bespoke is currently using Forecast for resource- and project management, and Harvest for time tracking and invoicing together. This combination is possible thanks to the integration between Forecast and Harvest found in the app catalog. Thereby, time is automatically synced between projects in each system.

“Forecast has given us a better overview and perspective on our projects than we had before. Scheduling helps us with allocations, and the Workflow is useful for managing all of our daily tasks from beginning to end.” - Rune Toldam, Partner & Creative Director at Bespoke

In the future, Bespoke is planning to make more use of the estimates and insights that we’re implementing using artificial intelligence. Additionally, they’re looking forward to the integration with e-conomic, that will bring the financial part of their projects directly into e-conomic for accounting purposes.

“A combination of Forecast, e-conomic and Pleo is very interesting to us. This will almost completely automate the financial process from swiping the card in a shop to having it showing up in our project budgets.” - Rune Toldam, Partner & Creative Director at Bespoke

When asked about the future, Bespoke expects to see further growth, and currently looking to engage a team of around 50 people in 5-10 years from now.

“We’re not looking to grow as quick as possible, but is rather looking for growth when it makes sense, and thus add to our business as we feel it’s appropriate.” - Rune Toldam, Partner & Creative Director at Bespoke

It has been great to work with Bespoke, and we’re absolutely looking forward to our future relations together.

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