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Adeo Group

Twice as Efficient with a Complete Tool - Project Management and Resource Scheduling


Gordon Higgins

Adeo Group

 Asset industry Digital Agency    Asset location Glasgow, SCT   Asset employees 11-50 employees     Asset website

As a Digital Agency, Adeo Group has projects spanning from software development to Marketing and creative work. They have a more technical process than traditional agencies because they have developed a lot of their own software for their work process. Adeo Group built their own CMS Platform for delivering e-commerce websites, as well as their own customized web solutions.  For Adeo Group, Forecast helps them manage their external and internal projects, and resource planning.

Finding a brilliant combination of managing projects with scheduling

Adeo Group searched for nearly a year to find the right project management tool to fit their work process. As they were exploring the options, Gordon, Director of Adeo Group, found that either SaaS companies were only offering project management or resource management, but the combination of the two was hard to come by. Their need for a project and resource management software stemmed from their need for a comprehensive overview. “We were experiencing a bottleneck because we didn’t know how many resources we had available for our projects,” says Gordon.

We’ve cut down on a lot of different software that we used, so now we only use Forecast. It is much easier for our work process, especially when you’re bringing on new staff members. It’s just one piece of software team members have to onboard.”  -Gordon, Director

Adeo’s Project Management team and the developers meet together with the customers to scope out the project. Gordon explains, “When we bring on new jobs the work gets scoped out in Forecast. We use template projects that we’ve created for different types of projects and we work off of them as a base template, which saves us a lot of time.” Forecast is used for the strategy of the projects and to distribute out all of the project’s files, documents, and information. Everything related to the project is stored within Forecast and everything is in one place.

Joint efforts are aligned and teams are more productive

Forecast is enabling Adeo Groups to maximize each team member’s schedule. Adeo Group has an overview of deliverables and how far along each team is within the timeline of their projects. They have the time estimated in the scope which keeps a flow going from back-end development to front-end development. This has offered new opportunities for their company because they can now fill their pipeline and manage multiple projects at different times. No longer are front-end developers waiting on back-end developers to finish their work. Additionally, clients have the visibility in the system and see the timeline of their projects.

Over the years, I have seen that people don’t understand what tasks to do or when they need to be done, so having that scheduling part is really important for us.” -Gordon, Director


“We know which projects we’re working on- in one place at one time.” - Jonathan, Head of Technology

“One thing we have found useful is hours quoted to hours taken, we now understand areas that need more time and on newer upcoming projects we can accurately quote, also it's allowing us to know when to discuss with clients when nearing time/money budgets.” - Gordon, Director


Everyone is made aware of the health of the projects, and are open for cross-team collaboration

Dominic describes the new implementation of displaying the dashboards and what value that has brought to their office. “When we started displaying the dashboards on the TV, people were really happy about it. What I have seen is that people want to add in information about how their project is going and they started talking about the progress of different projects even if they were not assigned to it.” For Nexus Innovations, displaying their project dashboards on the office TV’s have served to be really useful for them. It has generated more discussions in the team and between teams. 

Time tracking enabling team and project utilization

Dominic shares that Forecast was able to allow Nexus Innovations to refine their work process with the growth of their projects. With Forecast, it’s effortless for them to manage their time and to manage their timesheets. One feature Nexus Innovations uses for their work process is time tracking. They were interested in initiating time management to increase accountability within the company on a project level.

Company-wide, each team member uses Forecast to register their time. With time registrations they like that they can see all their logged hours in a Month view. For managers, their ability to see if all their team has entered their time correctly allows them to track the progress of the project accurately. If everyone has registered their time, the budget, time estimations, and project status are more precisely reflective. “We can easily export all our timesheet information for billing which is saving us a lot of time since we don’t have to work in spreadsheets,” says Dominic.

We can easily export all our timesheet information for billing which is saving us a lot of time.” - Dominic, VP of Operations

A high-level overview leads to healthy projects

With utilizing a project management tool like Forecast, Nexus Innovations was able to implement a new work process to keep their projects running smoothly. Internally, on a weekly basis, the agile portfolio managers get to review the current status of all projects together. They use Forecast to see the overall health and quality of the projects which allows them to stay ahead of their project deadlines. When Nexus Innovations uses Forecast for forecasting, i.e., estimating their project and following the progress is much easier than it was before.

The adoption rate of using Forecast was simple for Nexus Innovations. “When we have a new team member added to the tool it’s really easy to integrate them. Our team members like to use the tool, so we don’t have to spend a lot of time getting them on board,” says Dominic

It didn’t take long before these new work processes were implemented at Nexus Innovations. Their business goals of estimating, time tracking, and monitoring the health of the projects have become fulfilled. Overall, Dominic is satisfied with the increase of internal visibility and transparency company-wide.

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